Visiting Westmount

If you are planning to come as a visitor to our club, we would like to provide some house policies to further enhance your visit. Please do not hesitate to inform our staff of anything we can do to ensure your Westmount experience is most enjoyable.


Directions to Westmount Golf & Country Club
  1. Turn off of Fischer Hallman onto Glasgow St.
  2. Follow Glasgow St, and turn onto Aberdeen Dr.
  3. Follow Aberdeen Dr, and turn onto Inverness Dr
  4. You will arrive at Westmount Golf & Country Club

In Season arrival at Westmount Golf & Country Club

Please pull up to the bag drop area located in front of the Pro Shop. Our attendant will greet you, take your clubs for preparation of your round and provide you with helpful instructions for the day.

Locker Room

Guests are welcome to use our locker room facilities. Should you require a guest locker, please ask for assistance from the Locker Room attendant upon your arrival.

Methods of Payment

Members may sign for their guest charges to their account or guests may pay at a point of sale terminal by Interac Debit, Visa or Mastercard.

Mobile Communication Devices

Electronic devices shall be set on vibrate or silent mode only. Phone calls shall not be initiated or continued after answering in any area where food and beverages are being served. Electronic devices may not be used if they affect the pace of play or if the conversation can be heard by others. 

Dress Code

Click here to view our complete dress code regulations.

Golf Etiquette

Please rake bunkers after use and leave rakes inside the bunkers. Care should be taken in replacing divots on the tees, fairways and rough to assure their growth. Please repair ball marks on all greens. Avoid walking or pushing carts between greens and bunkers

Pace of Play

Please help to ensure that everyone enjoys their round by keeping up to the group in front, not ahead of the group behind. It is the goal of Westmount that no round shall take more then 4 hours and 15 minutes to complete. Clocks have been installed around the course to assist you during your round.
Here are some tips to help manage your pace of play:

  1. Arrive to the first tee 10 minutes prior to your tee time
  2. Play ready golf
  3. Being aware of time spent at the turn between nines

Course Map

In Season Arrival at Westmount Golf & Country Club

Inclement Weather System

Westmount provides all members and guests with an inclement weather system. On the activation of the system, the course is closed for play. One long blast will sound (15 seconds) – players must suspend play and take shelter or leave the golf course. Shelters are located at the pump house behind the reservoir, behind the 14th green and the on-course washrooms at #4 green. After three short blasts (5 seconds) – play may be resumed.

Departing from Westmount Golf & Country Club

Upon completion of your round, our attendant will greet you and assist with cleaning your clubs before placing them in your vehicle or out front of the Pro Shop.