The Westmount Experience

There are many ways to describe Westmount Golf & Country Club.

But none of those entirely encapsulates the essence of what is one of Canada’s great clubs. Sure, the club is based around one of the best golf courses in Canada, ranked 12th in the country by SCOREGolf. And yes, we’re thrilled to be a club that boasts award-winning golf, wonderful practice facilities, a history of holding the country’s top tournaments, great tennis in the warm months, curling in the winter, and tremendous dining year-round.

But Westmount is more than that. It is a deeply held culture and a camaraderie that is pervasive and welcoming. It is about people of all ages coming together and creating a community of like-minded individuals. It is about longstanding relationships, time spent with friends and family.

Westmount is about the first time you make a birdie, or that time you stepped onto the ice to try your hand at curling.

Westmount has long been regarded as one of the best private clubs in Canada, with a course that has been played by the likes of golf greats like Arnold Palmer and Raymond Floyd and crafted under the watchful eyes of Stanley Thompson, the country’s greatest golf designer.

Similarly, its curling and tennis facilities are recognized for their excellence. But you don’t remain great by standing still, and Westmount is moving forward. It is a club where the entire family can be active, meet friends and make new ones, involving themselves in games that can last a lifetime.

Westmount isn’t about being a snapshot in time. The club has made extensive investments in the course, and into a clubhouse renovation led by an award-winning designer and architect that, has resulted in a revitalized and modern clubhouse that still has its classic flair.

But don’t take my word for it—come investigate for yourself.

We’re sure that once you’ve witnessed Westmount firsthand, and recognize all the club has to offer, you’ll find a place you’ll never want to leave.

General Manager, Westmount Golf & Country Club